Friday, July 11, 2014

The Sleepless Wonder

Sleep. I like mine. A lot. My kid? Meh...he’s not into it recently.

What started Sunday night as what I thought was a freak one-night thing, has drug out for this entire week. Monday morning, he woke up at 1:30 AM. For the day. He did not go back to sleep until his 12:30 PM nap. I did not go back to sleep until his 12:30 PM nap. I napped because I thought for sure he was sick (he threw up the day before) and therefore decided it best to stay home with him (since I surely could not function on an hour of sleep.)

Fine. Monday night. Round two. Up at 2 AM screaming “MOMMY!!!” and crying so loud I was certain my neighbor on the other side of the wall was going to call the cops. After trying to console him, bringing him milk, rocking him, hugging him, singing songs...I put him in my bed. I know, I know. Mistake of epic proportions. But you know what? He fell asleep around 5:30 and I got in one good hour before work.

Tuesday night. More of the same. Wednesday night. You guessed it.

The one super duper cute moment of the whole thing was when he woke up just before my alarm, poked me in the cheek, smiled and said “Hi, mommy!” Then proceeded to take out his binky and give me two big smooches right on the lips. I mean, how could I be mad?

But I’m tired. Way tired. Like, I’ve had three cups of strong coffee and it’s not making a dent tired. Taking a nap under my desk/on the toilet/in my car looks fabulous tired. And I’ve gotten an awful lot of “You look tired today” comments. Yeah. Thanks. I sure do. Did the bags under my eyes give it away? My yawns? Oh, it was probably me laying on my desk with my eyes shut.

And I gotta tell you, it’s nights like the ones I’ve had this past week, where I’d like to call his father at 3 AM and tell him to get his ass out of bed until I say he can go back to sleep. Then have him try to put a diaper and outfit on the dog, brush her teeth and stick her in the carseat. Although, I’m pretty sure that’s probably easier.

And for those momma’s in the same boat...this article nails it.

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